Lecturing Skills:
Teaching Teachers
Reviving ‘Tired’ Content
Higher Ranking
Best Possible First Impression
Interactive Teaching

If You Can't REACH Them, You Can't TEACH Them

This training and coaching acknowledges the exceptional changes in the emotional receptivity and patience within the demographics (40 and younger) of most younger learners today. The barriers they bring with them to any traditional corporate training program - or MBA program - are not the same ones they would have brought as recently as five years ago. The result is that many courses as well as trainers are definitely not tuned-in to these barriers. And many trainers are uncomfortable, to say the least, in being willing to learn how to overcome them.

  • The Reach-Teach workshop identifies these barriers and provides a series of techniques/approaches that will significantly help your "teachers" reach them. The goal is provide a much more effective teaching/learning experience for managers in (almost) any subject.

Senior Faculty

  1. Enhancing lecture content and the way you present it
  2. One on one coaching
  3. Peer-to peer small group workshops
  4. Learn new approaches, new media and more effective presentation techniques applied to current lectures
  5. Significantly improve teaching score/ranking

Junior Faculty

  1. Training, including content design for first-time and “almost” new lecturers facing MBA and corporate executive audiences
  2. Make a positive first impression: never a second chance to make this first impression
  3. Avoid embarrassing classroom “events” that would damage credibility, possibly long term: no traumas
  4. Techniques to deal with stage fright, hostile interactions, class-room control methods
  5. Workshops include technique training, application and practice of new techniques and personal coaching

PhD Workshops

  1. For newly or recently awarded PhDs as they transform their academic presentation content into structured lectures that will make an impact on their students
  2. Workshops provide content design methods, stand-up lecture techniques and personal coaching
  3. Training for teaching position interviews -- including individual interview scenarios, which are videotaped for ongoing learning


The Socratic Method/Interactive Lectures/Teaching via Dialogue –

  1. Techniques to effectively interact with academic and general “audiences”
  2. Time management skills
  3. Manage crowd control and difficult or hostile interactions

Insead needed to improve the teaching of our young faculty. Shaktman Associates' results have been fabulous. The word has spread to senior faculty who are also signing up for the training sequence of workshop, personal coaching, and videotape follow up monitoring. And the faculty keep sending me rave reviews about the effectiveness of the training where it counts--in the classroom.

Landis Gabel
Former Dean of Faculty and Deputy Dean, Insead University
Fontainebleau, France

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