Keynote Speeches & Memorable Speakers

Keynote Speakers
Seminar moderators and panelists
Workshop leaders
Business entertainers - speakers
The keynote is what everyone's waiting to hear. Wherever it's placed in your meeting, it leaves an exceptionally positive or seriously sour impression. Never neutral. If they tell you 'It was OK,' they really didn't like it .

The finest resort location, the most impressive multimedia effects will not overcome poor presentations, under-prepared speakers, content that has not been vetted/screened for its potential negative effect on a particular audience.

Building Memorable Speeches

Can you convert your content into the best possible keynote?

Our Keynote Development workshops offer examples of the best conference presentations and keynote speeches.

On site coaching of best practices for script development, graphic design and implementation to produce speeches that truly connect with your audience.

Coaching in all aspects of staging, video and broadcast interview skills are included in our Keynote Development workshops.

Workshops are optimally conducted with the active, on site participation of executives, their speech writers and media designers.

"Buying" Memorable Speeches

Shaktman Associates can help you find the highest quality technology speakers in banking, insurance, financial markets, IT and academia, including speakers on diversity, women in business and leadership.

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