I.M.P.A.C.T.© Model
of Presentation Skills Excellence


How to discover who is really in your audience

Select presentation material that matters to them

Make your material memorable

  • If they remember any one presentation make sure it’s yours
  • Not repetitive of the ones that came before you and will follow

Staging your presentation

  • Awareness and exploitation of the many physical components of your presentation space, television studio, conferfence room, hotel meetings, convention hall
    • So you’ll look & feel comfortable.
    • Use the space, don’t let it abuse you
    • And your presentation will be an audience-friendly and dynamic experience
  • Skills training, practice and one on one coaching in creatively combining entertainment and education

Media selection, design and best current practices in multimedia applications

  • More than 70% of what audiences remember is what you show them, not what you tell them
  • Your audiences are growing younger with media experiences and expectations beyond powerpoint

Techniques for including personal content and style

  • Without interrupting or distracting from your key business messages
  • What is appropriate or relevant personal content
  • Standards for content that crosses the boundary of too personal –particularly at international meetings and conferences

In the first 90 seconds

  • Audiences should understand what’s in your presentation that will help them and satisfy the reason they’re sitting there.
  • They always want to know “what’s in it for me?”
  • How to show and tell them what business result your presentation will enable them to achieve -- credibly

What content to include and what to omit

  • All spoken, written and graphic content can be separated into three types: how to choose which to use
    • Quantitative: facts, data
    • Qualitative: application of facts with business examples
    •  Commentary-editorial-benefit type of content answering “what’s in it for me?”

Time management tips and techniques

  • How to avoid ever running out of time
  • And how to end early no matter what time you actually began

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