Executive Coaching


Executive Presentation Skills

Keynote Speakers
International, Multi-Language Conferences
Financial Reporting
Analysts Meetings & "Road Shows"
Significant Corporate Events
Motivational & Management Meetings
Interviews with Newspapers and Television
Crises/ "Bad News" Communications to Media and Public
Government Appearances before Agencies and Committees

How can I be as effective when speaking in front of large groups or conferences as I am when I present myself in my office or in front of people I know?

If you and your staff take the time & resources required to prepare. Travel to the conference location. Revise & rehearse your presentation. Finally, to get yourself emotionally and physically prepared to deliver it in front of a large audience, you should be able to deliver a presentation that has genuine impact.

Shaktman Associates one-on-one coaching prepares executives to be as successful when delivering important presentations at all conference levels, including international audiences -- as they are when leading their companies.

Coaching is offered in two-day and five-day modules. Participants limited to two executives for one-on-one coaching in the two-day module; and to five for the five-day module.

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