Executive Coaching

How You Can Deliver Memorable Presentations

Coaching is customized and it is the executives option to include their presentation writers, graphic designers or executive assistants as part of coaching process.

  • On-site observation and/or review of your past presentations via videotape
  • Followed by a diagnosis of what's good and what can be significantly improved
  • English speaking skills are evaluated
  • Specific coaching agenda with time line and skills improvement milestones
  • Correction of personal presentation challenges including stage-fright, negative speech habits and distracting body language
  • Observation of newly acquired skills including on-site and ongoing monitoring and feedback via videotape or Internet webcast

The foundation of our Executive Presentation Skills Coaching is Shaktman Associates I.M.P.A.C.T Model Of Presentation Excellence.

Enables the executive to interact with an audience and apply a practical method to distinguish specifically one audience from another.

As one of our clients told us:

You're helping me to make sure that my presentation is not all about meat when in my audience are mainly vegetarians!

Throughout the coaching, the executive learns and practices techniques for interacting with and maintaining control of audiences -- including aggressive or hostile ones.

The goal of our coaching: When your presentation is one among many, many presentations at a conference, yours will be remembered - and appreciated as being of value to them.

  • Our coaching has taught executives and their staffs to select and prepare the most effective content and implement media resulting in a relevant and impressive experience for each particular audience.

  • Time management techniques to honor scheduling limits - no matter what the actual time on the clock is. Even learning how to end early.

  • Through efficient content editing, you will learn to avoid reuse of content that is irrelevant for a particular audience.

  • Not using media that is out of date, or that was prepared for a different presentation to a different audience and looks "old". How to convert into useful new media without total rework.

  • Learning up-to-date best practices in selecting personal anecdotes, corporate stories, examples and cases.

  • How to apply the highest level of control for any decision to insert humor of any kind - in order to avoid the risk of alienating or insulting a particular audience or any part of it.

Coaching is offered in two-day and five-day modules. Participants are limited to two executives for one-on-one coaching in the two-day module; and to five for the five-day module.

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