Steps To Transforming Your Event

Make events memorable by creating an appropriate visual and physical demonstration that communicates your corporate or business message - far beyond just the words you're speaking.

We will collaborate in composing presentations and graphics at your request.

Coach and rehearse presentations as they become integrated into the actual event.

How to recognize and deal with the harsh reality of audience-fatigue during over-scheduled conferences. Too many speakers. Too many words. Too many PowerPoint slides.

We teach techniques that let you capture the falling energy of audience-fatigue. Learn how to maintain their attention, engagement and equally important, their enjoyment.

I've learned to actually enjoy speaking in the middle-of-the afternoon, the graveyard time slot. I know they're becoming saturated with content. Sitting and listening since quite early this morning. They're certainly tired. But thanks to your "Events Training" skills I know how not only to wake them up, but win much more of their attention & engagement," President and Chief Technology Officer, Fortune 500 IT company.

With international audiences, mandatory to consider the cultural/national time management best practices. What time is too early to begin where your event is located? What time is much too late to end an event there?

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