Steven Albrezzi: Media and corporate presentation specialist; corporate clients include IBM, Rolm Corporation and Apple Computer; film faculty at both the University of Southern California and UCLA Schools of Cinema.

Bill Carden: Senior Associate, Executive one on one coaching; keynote speech training, specialist in IMPACT and Facilitation Techniques workshops; extensive European and US client programs; created management interaction workshops for Merrill Lynch; widely recognized director, actor, corporate trainer and executive coach.

Andrew Gay: Leader of SA business initiative in India; internationally recognized coach in project management -- directing the largest of public works projects in India, South Africa and England. Past chief executive of global companies, accomplished presenter and keynote speaker and coach, London.

Richard E. Goss: Conducts New Media workshops; multimedia producer and designer, whose studio, The Media Ranch, creates state of the art audio, video and Internet productions, Santa Monica, California.

Dr. Michael Gruber: Psychologist, essayist, corporate trainer and coach focusing on performance and stress management issues including stage fright; consultant to members of executive boards and CXOs; works in both Paris & New York.

Maurice Naragon: Leading designer of corporate multimedia that teaches, entertains and sells; website designer and master teacher of website design workshops; entrepreneur of state of the art interactive gaming.outstanding technical writer who has contributed to some of the most effective technical publications of the digital age, including those published by Apple Computer; studio in Lake Forest, Orange County, California. His website an be seen at

Dr. Teresa Nelson: Simmons College School of Management, Boston, holding the Elizabeth J. McCandless Chair in Entrepeneurship; affiliate at Center for Gender in Organizations; lecturer and seminar leader in China, Europe and US on diversity issues, entrepreneurship and women in leadership; Boston.

Dr. Russell D. Park: Leads client workshops, individuals and small groups on the processes of organizational change, including preparing for outplacement interviews; specialist in gender and diversity considerations; Columbia, California.

R. E. Rutledge: Client conference planner and keynote speaker talent scout. He can provide the "next-great speakers" who will deliver memorable conference presentations that could transform your meeting -- within reasonable cost parameters; and exceptional access to the most renowned conference presenters with international standing; based in New York.

Ben Shaktman: Founder and president; created the I.M.P.A.C.T. Model of Presentation Excellence; executive coach; facilitator and mediator; lecturer and conference keynote speaker; artistic, stage, film and TV director; created two regional theaters in US, in Boston and Pittsburgh. To learn about Ben's directing career, go to>

Patricia Steller: Corporate trainer and executive coach for banking and risk management clients; extensive experience in the executive echelon of banking and financial management in New York.

Philippe Tassin: a widely recognized Information Systems project management consultant and authority based in Paris. As an advisor to SA French-speaking clients, he has been an effective executive coach for IT project business plans & presentations. Formerly, the director of Information Systems and Telecom for Renault, Air Inter, Thomson and Michelin; consultant to France Telecom, TotalFinaElf, EDF-GDF Services (France's Electric & Gas Utility), Manpower (France), Matra Marconi Space and Groupe AXA Royale Belgique Insurance.