About Shaktman Associates

Intel IBM
EDP Renovaveis
Apple ComputerEDS

Beginning: first contract was at IBM's Large Systems Briefing Center in White Plains, NY. Assignments followed to redesign briefing centers and train managers to make more effective executive presentations throughout IBM. Then our successes at CEO keynote speech coaching at Apple Computer, Texas Instruments, Intel and EDS produced the first period of significant growth of SA.

AXA  Xerox

Expansion: of our briefing-center & CEO coaching successes led to conference-preparation work for our clients in the U.S. and Europe. Annual meetings, award banquets, trade shows, customer sales meetings and industry conferences became a significant part of our training services. Starting in 2000, we responded to clients' needs for media interviewing skills training; management development workshops in facilitation and stress management; and change management seminars. Personal performance habits and challenges for improvement.

London School of Business

Today: With a growing roster of clients in western and eastern Europe, as well as in China, India and Singapore, our highly recognized roster of presentation trainers and coaches work one on one with CXO and Board level executives. We help them to transform annual reports, significant management and employee addresses, complex financial reports, new product announcements, appearances before government agencies, international conferences, keynote speeches and all press and multimedia challenges.

Stagecraft & Substance:

From its inception SA has been a confederation of individual lecturers, teachers, coaches, researchers, digital designers, multimedia experts, psychologists, graphic artists, writers, film & video directors. We provide our clients a combination of business presentation expertise and practical coaching to transform their efforts into memorable presentations: on-stage, on-camera, in video conference or using the newest of New Media.

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